Inspect-A-Home, Inc. has been inspecting homes in Central PA for the past 20 years and offers a complete line of services including: home inspections, radon testing, wood destroying insect inspections, and water analysis. 

Brian S. Wentz, President of Inspect-A-Home, Inc. is a Real Estate Inspector and a member in good standing with the The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI# 261185). ASHI encourages individuals to use the home inspection as a learning tool. All home inspections are conducted following the standards of the American Society of Home Inspector ASHI. 

g a home is a large financial endeavor and investment in your family's future. One of the major steps in a real estate purchase is to have a home inspection of your future home. A home may look fine on the surface, but hidden troubles may be lurking. Inspect-A-Home, Inc. has the experience and training to provide information that will assist you the buyer in making an informed decision. 

During a home inspection, the home inspector will concentrate on the condition and structure of your home and point out observed safety concerns. In addition to the home inspection, we want to help educate you about the home you are about to buy.  Inspect-A-Home, Inc. encourages the buyer to attend the home inspection and ask questions. This provides the buyer the opportunity to learn about the home your buying.